Exhibitor Set Up Info

Set up instructions are always emailed to exhibitors a week prior to the event.

If you did not receive the email with a link to generate your pass within one week before the event, please read the information below, print the pass on this page and fill it in with your details found on the 2023 Exhibitor List. You must have a paper pass to display in/on your vehicle or it is subject to being towed during the event.

If you can not print a pass, go to CHECK IN at 847 E. 5th Ave Fri 2-6PM or Sat 6-8AM. This is  NEW location from previous years!

Hello 2024 Mount Dora Craft Fair Exhibitors,

Please become familiar with the  TRAFFIC FLOW Map. ALL traffic will enter through Donnelly St at Charles Ave and flow north out of the event area. You will turn at your Entry point animal to get to your booth if you are not on Donnelly St.

You Do NOT need to go to “Check in”  if you bring your printed PASS with you.

You must have your pass to enter the event area.  If you forget or need a pass printed, you can get one at Mount Dora Center for The Arts *847 E 5th Ave, Mt Dora, FL on Friday 2-6pm or Sat 6-8 am. *NOTE-This is a NEW Check in location from previous years!

Your PASS must be clearly displayed on your vehicle dashboard or affixed to your trailer when parked.  ONLY ONE Pass is allowed per booth space. Vehicles and trailers without passes are subject to being towed! Be respectful and only park in your assigned lot.

Friday Set Up *HELPFUL TIP- * If you can Dolly-in (walk your items) from your assigned parking lot on Friday, you can avoid the vehicle traffic during the Load-in times.  You must be in your assigned parking lot before 4:30 pm or you will need to wait until the time listed on your Exhibitor/Parking Pass and enter with the other vehicles.

Here are 10 more IMPORTANT TIPS!

1. ANYONE can “DOLLY” in if you are parked in your assigned parking lot on Friday before 4:15 pm.  

If you determine the lot is too far when you arrive, proceed to your assigned ENTRY POINT at your Assigned Time with your vehicle.  

 If you choose Dolly -In, you will be allowed to walk your items to your booth space. Keep all items OFF the road against the curb. Once the Police give us the “All Clear” you will be allowed to start set up at approx. 5:00 pm.  Do NOT start your set up before the all-clear is given or you will be asked to tear it down. If you get to your assigned lot and determine it is too far to dolly, simply leave the event area and enter at your Entry Point with your vehicle at your assigned Set Up time.

2. EVERYONE can drive in Sat & Sun to drop via their assigned Entry Point between 6:30- 8:00 am.  You do not need to Dolly on Sat & Sun. Please have your vehicles out of the event area by 8:15 am Sat and Sun.

3. Although everyone is assigned a parking lot, we do not have the staff to monitor lots Sat & Sun. Please be courteous and do Not Park in a lot that is not assigned to you. Place your pass on your dash or attach it to your trailer or you may be subject to towing.

 4. If your booth location starts with “B”, you are on Baker St, and you can unload items at your booth space at 4PM and you will stage in front of your booth number. You can not set up until we get the All Clear. 

5. DO NOT turn around or backup once inside the event area. If you miss your space, continue out of the event area and enter through your entry point again. Your assigned Parking area may be in a place that seems logical to back up or get to by going in the wrong direction on your map. DO NOT go against the traffic flow. Be calm and follow the path out and around the event area to come back in to get to your parking area.

6. Do not set up while your vehicle is in the event area if at all possible. Streets are tight. Please unload your items to the curbside, go park your vehicle in your assigned lot and return to finish setting up.  If you need to unload and set up at the same time, be courteous and arrive after 7pm when traffic is clear.

7. Your booth number goes in the CENTER of the back of your booth!  Even one booth in the wrong place will disrupt the row of booths and you will be asked to move it if you are off center.

8.  Bring proper weights to secure your tent for up to 40 mph gusts. Staking of tents is NOT allowed anywhere in the event but your tent must be secure with blocks, sand bags or other weights.

  9. First time exhibitors may not know that Mount Dora is a “HILLY” town. Many of you will experience an incline in your area.  If your booth space is between 200-263 (3rd Ave), we recommend that you bring short wood boards or blocks to level your tent or table in case you feel you need to be more level.

10. If you have any questions or concerns before or during the event, you can always text or call me at  (352) 217-8390

 I wish you all the best show ever!…. unless you break down early on Sunday. If you break down before 5PM on Sunday, I wish you nothing. I will kill you.

Sincerely,  Janet Gamache (352)217-8390

Photo showing 3rd Ave incline

NOTE: The map below is the NEW vendor Traffic map that has a different traffic flow than previous years. 

EVERYONE enters on Donnelly St at Charles Ave this year.

If you did not receive the email with a link to generate your pass, please print this pass and fill it in. You must have a paper pass to display in/on your vehicle or it is subject to being towed during the event.

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